Open To Me

Psalm 146:8-10

We all have times in our lives when we are feel so low that we aren’t even sure we can survive. Some people find their world turned upside down; loss of income and economic security; loss of home, loved ones with deteriorating health; death of those we love.

But we have assurances that God is in this somehow. We know that God can turn everything around. We just need to have faith.

But we are simply trying to survive. But surviving is a good thing. We can’t give up in the darkness!

I found this little poem by Howard Thurman, and have often looked back at it when I felt lost.

Lord, Lord, Open Unto Me
“Open unto me – light for my darkness.
Open unto me – courage for my fear.
Open unto me – hope for my despair.
Open unto me – peace for my turmoil.
Open unto me – joy for my sorrow.
Open unto me – strength for my weakness.
Open unto me – wisdom for my confusion.
Open unto me – forgiveness for my sins.
Open unto me – tenderness for my toughness.
Open unto me – love for my hates.
Open unto me – Thy Self for my self.

Lord, Lord, open unto me!” (Howard Thurman, Mediations of the Heart)

So whatever our circumstances, please be encouraged.

God sees.

God cares.

God will help you

    one day at a time.

God will help you one moment at a time when the day feels overwhelming.

Let Us Pray:

One day at a time, dear Lord, one day at a time. Bless us with faith, hope, joy, courage, endurance, and love. Help us keep looking up. Amen.
Delivered at In The Garden, Trinity Episcopal Church, 12 December 2010

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